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The following titles are due for release soon on Onyx. Check the site soon to listen to samples and to order or download online.


Simon Trpceski, RLPO, Vasily Petrenko
Prokofiev Piano Concertos 1&3, Overture on Hebrew

'It is not simply that Simon Trpčeski has a phenomenal technique. Crucially he has the musical intelligence to know how to apply it and again at the same time can convey such joy in doing so’ The Daily Telegraph The terrific team of Trpceski , Petrenko and the award winning Royal Liverpool Philharmonic come together again in an electrifying recording of Prokofiev's 1st and 3rd piano concertos. released 26 May

Rustem Hayroudinoff
Rachmaninov Piano Sonatas 1&2

With Hayroudinoff’s playing equal to even that of Richter..’BBC Music Magazine ‘temperamentally he is right inside the music…This is powerful Rachmaninov playing..’ Gramophone ‘Compelling playing’ BBC Radio 3 Record Review. Rustem Hayroudinoff trains his formidable technique and interpretive powers on Rchamaninov's two piano sonatas.The 2nd Sonata op. 36 is an astounding feat of compositional ingenuity: it is created out of a single thematic seed. Of the dramatic first sonata, the composer wrote 'The Sonata is without any doubt wild and endlessly long. I think about 45 minutes. I was drawn into such dimensions by a programme or rather by some leading idea. It is three contrasting characters from a work of world literature. Of course, no programme will be given to the public, although I am beginning to think that if I were to reveal the programme, the Sonata would become much more comprehensible. No one will ever play this composition because of its difficulty and length...” the composer revealed later that “he had in mind Goethe’s “Faust” Released 26 May

Leonard Elschenbrich

A fascinating programme spanning 100 years of French music for cello. The two concertos - Dutilleux & Saint-Saens composed 100 years apart, frame Debussy's cello sonata, Ravel's Habanera, and 'Louange' from Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time. Elschenbroich is joined by the BBC SSO in the concertos, conducted by John Wilson and Stephan Blunier respectively, and by pianist Alexei Gynyuk in the chamber works. Released 26 May